Hi Everyone! I wanted to kick off my manga blog with something that I hope will become a monthly feature. In a wonderful celebration of consumerism, I’m going to list the new manga coming out this month which I plan to buy!

This month I’m most excited about the third volume of Tsubasa World Chronicles. I’m a huge CLAMP fan and I can’t wait to see how this particular adventure is going to end.  I really hope CLAMP will be continuing this series at some point in the future (sadly there are a number of CLAMP series which I feel that way about…). I’m also really looking forward to the new volumes of A Bride’s Story and Umineko When They Cry.

Here’s the complete list of what I’ll be buying this month:

  • Blue Morning Vol 6
  • Don’t Be Cruel Vol 2
  • Tsubasa World Chronicles Vol 3
  • Genshiken: Second Season Vol 9
  • Goodnight Punpun Vol 3
  • Witchcraft Works Vol 9
  • Citrus Vol 5
  • Tomadachi x Monster Vol 3
  • Umineko When They Cry: Dawn of the Golden Witch Vol 2
  • Of the Red, the Light and the Ayakashi Vol 4
  • The Boy and the Beast Vol 2
  • Nichijou Vol 4
  • A Bride’s Story Vol 8
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Vol 1



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