It’s the start of another month so it’s time to talk about the new manga I’m excited about picking up this month.

I’d have to say that the manga I am most looking forward to is Liselotte and Witch’s Forest vol. 2. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a big Fruits Basket fan, so I was super excited when Yen Press announced that they had licensed two of Natsuki Takaya’s more recent series. Liselotte is the first of those two series to be published and I was already charmed by the first volume. I’m excited to see where this series is going.

I’m also looking forward to the first volume of Cells at Work! This looks like a fun action series where the characters are all anthropomorphized cells in a human body. With a concept like that, how can you go wrong? Lastly, I am excited for the concluding volume of GA- Geijutsuka Art Design Class, a cute 4-koma series about a group of girls attending an art school.

Here’s the complete list of what I’ll be buying this month:

  • Liselotte and Witch’s Forest vol. 2
  • Princess Jellyfish vol. 3
  • Astro Boy vol. 5
  • The Wolf-Boy is Mine! vol. 2
  • Yona of the Dawn vol. 2
  • Kamisama Kiss vol. 22
  • My Love Story!! vol. 10
  • Twin Star Exorcists vol. 6
  • Honey so Sweet vol. 4
  • GA – Geijutsuka Art Design Class vol. 7
  • Cells at Work! vol. 1
  • World’s Greatest First Love vol. 5
  • Bandette vol. 3: The House of the Green Mask (not manga but still great)

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