November is shaping up to be a pretty exciting month! I’m psyched for the new Pokémon game coming out on the 18th and, on the manga side of things, there is a particular book that I’ve been waiting a long time for that is finally being released.

Years ago, I heard that the creator of Fruits Basket, one of my all time favorite manga series, was working on a new title. I was certain that it wouldn’t take long for the license to be snapped up and that I would soon have this series on my shelf, beside my other Natsuki Takaya titles, where is belongs. Then the manga bubble burst. Publishers closed and licenses were lost. Years went by and this precious series went unlicensed. That is, until Yen Press finally announced in December of 2015 that they had acquired the license for Twinkle Stars! And this month, this highly anticipated series is finally going to come home with me! It’s been a long wait and I’m sure it will have been worth it.

I’m also looking forward to the final volume of Shuriken and Pleats, a shojo action-romance that I’ve enjoyed much more than I anticipated, and the final volume of Until Death do us Part, a weird action manga that’s sort of a guilty pleasure of mine.

Here’s the full list of what I’ll be buying this month:

  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun vol 5
  • Livingstone vol 4
  • Tokyo ESP vol 7
  • Nichijou vol 5
  • Shuriken and Pleats vol 2
  • Ten Count vol 2
  • Oresama Teacher vol 21
  • Karneval vol 6
  • Until Death do us Part vol 13
  • Black Butler vol 23
  • Twinkle Stars vol 1

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