I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up Review

MARRIED_MY_BEST_FRIEND_coverFRONTI Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up is an attention-grabbing title if ever I saw one, and it rather succinctly delivers all the information you need to grasp the basic premise of this manga.


Machi is a successful and independent young woman whose parents won’t stop pestering her about getting a boyfriend and settling down. In order to stave off their constant attempts to set her up, she decides to pretend to marry her long-time friend, Hana. The two move-in together in order to sell the ruse and they quickly fall into a comfortable routine, with Machi acting as the primary bread winner and Hana taking care of the bulk of the housework while working from home. Everything seems to be going according to plan, except Hana may feel more for Machi then just friendship… and Machi is starting to question what exactly her own feelings are.


This is a sweet and humorous romance with a pair of likeable leads who complement each other nicely, and I found it rewarding to watch their relationship develop. Machi is a serious and reliable person who doesn’t seem to know what she wants out of her career or her personal life, while Hana is bright and determined to go after what she wants, even if there is a chance it will end in failure. They are both very supportive of the other and I loved their interactions. Hana is a hilarious flirt and Machi starts to grow and come out of her shell as the two become closer. This was a fun and cute story that left me feeling all warm and fuzzy by the end.

The mangaka of this book is also the creator of another yuri manga that has been published in English called NTR: Netsuzou Trap. I haven’t read that series, but from what I can glean from the afterword in this manga, NTR is a very different work in terms of tone and content. The creator referred to I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up as being one of her “Light” works, meaning it features a gentle romance and silly sense of humour. If you are a fan of her more “Dark” or melodramatic work, then this might not be what you’re looking for. If, like me, you enjoy a fluffy and fun romance, then I recommend that you pick this one up.

Fine Score: 8 out of 10

For more information on I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up check out Seven Seas Entertainment’s website: http://www.sevenseasentertainment.com/series/i-married-my-best-friend-to-shut-my-parents-up/

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  1. Found out about this through Amazon’s recommendations and the name is definitely one thing that doesn’t go unnoticed, lol. I know of the author’s previous work (well, the tone anyway) but since I haven’t watched the anime or read the manga, I was afraid it was another cutesy appearing title with some dark undertones. Thankfully, I was wrong about that, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL. No need to worry there, this is a very cute story. I was a little surprised to learn this was made by the same mangaka as NTR, but I guess she likes to create all kinds of stories 🙂


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