Sand Land Review

While combing through the boxes of old manga titles at a big comics sale, I recently came across this little gem. Sand Land is a one-shot series by Akira Toriyama, the creator of the mega-hit manga series: Dragon Ball. To give you a little bit of background information on my history with Akira Toriyama, the... Continue Reading →

Beastars Vol 1 Review

Beastars is the newest manga to be released under the Viz Signature line, a banner that specializes in sophisticated or edgy titles aimed at an older audience, so I knew that I was in for something a little different with this series. Synopsis: In a world inhabited by anthropomorphized animals, predators and prey seem to... Continue Reading →

Codename: Sailor V Series Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A beautiful junior high school student comes across a mysterious talking cat that tells her that she has an important destiny. To her shock and amazement, she discovers that she is no ordinary teenager, but actually a chosen warrior and the reincarnation of a princess! She is…... Continue Reading →

Star Collector Series Review

Star Collector was originally published by Tokyopop Germany and has now been brought to North America by Tokypop as part of their International Women of Manga initiative. With appealing art and an entertaining story that’s full of drama and romance, this is a great series for fans of Boys Love manga. Synopsis: Fynn is a... Continue Reading →

Monster and the Beast Vol 1 Review

This manga is a strange beast, if you’ll pardon the pun. Featuring a middle-aged man and a literal monster as our leads, this Boys Love story certainly stands apart from the typical high school romances that pervade the genre. With a premise this unusual, how could I resist? Synopsis: Cavo is a hulking monster that... Continue Reading →

Phantom Dream Series Review

Phantom Dream is the debut manga series of Natsuki Takaya, the creator of the award-winning, shojo manga classic Fruits Basket. With Fruits Basket receiving a new anime adaptation, I recently went back and re-read the whole series and enjoyed it so much that I decided to re-read some of her other works. I started with... Continue Reading →

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