RoadQueen: Eternal Roadtrip to Love Review

ROADQUEENcoverFRONTRoadQueen: Eternal Roadtrip to Love by Mira Ong Chua, is a romantic comedy featuring two badass babes in a heated competition where hearts, and a very special motorcycle, are on the line. This edition collects the comics Girlfriend of the World and its sequel, Eternal Roadtrip to Love, and includes colour pages and a bonus story, Passion Marathon, making it the perfect purchase for new and old fans alike!


All the girls at Princess Andromeda Academy swoon over Leo, and why wouldn’t they? She’s the hottest and the coolest girl in school! Unfortunately, Leo won’t give any of them the time of day, stating that she’d only consider going out with a girl if she can beat her in a motorcycle race. While plenty of girls have tried, none have succeeded and Leo remains a sexy loner whose heart belongs only to one special lady: her motorbike, Bethany. That is, until a mysterious girl named Vega shows up and whisks Bethany away! The daily race to win the chance to date Leo is canceled and the girls at her school all think that they’ll finally have a chance with her, but Leo still refuses to date any of them. That’s when Vega reappears with a new proposition. Leo will date her for one week and, if in that time Leo can prove to Vega that she can be a good girlfriend, she’ll give Bethany back, if not, then she’ll keep Bethany forever!


Right from the start, RoadQueen leans hard into the ridiculousness of its premise. The girls at Princess Andromeda Academy don’t just have any old race to try and win the chance to date Leo, it’s complete pandemonium, with hordes of girls all racing at once and several crashing off the sides of cliffs in fiery explosions that should have left them dead or maimed. Vega doesn’t just walk up to Leo to propose her bet, she makes a grand entrance and drives Bethany right through a window into Leo’s living room! This comic is over-the-top and silly and I loved every moment of it. Leo’s juvenile schemes to try and outwit Vega never failed to get a laugh out of me and the side characters, Boots and Cassie, were also really funny, though we didn’t see a lot of them outside of the early chapters.


Despite its ridiculous humour, RoadQueen can also be grounded where it counts. Leo and Vega go on a series of dates where Leo tries to prove that she’s capable of being a good girlfriend and the sequences of the two of them having a good time at the mall or arcade are sweet and charming. Vega usually has an air of mystique and coyness about her, but on the dates she’s behaves more girlishly and Leo, who is typically putting on a cool, tough-girl act, is also able to let down her guard and just have fun. These two had great chemistry and I enjoyed watching the sexual tension build between them as they flirted and had fun together. Of course, Leo will usually manage to say or do something thoughtless that will ruin things right when she and Vega are starting to connect.

Leo is used to only having to think about herself and it takes her awhile before she can fully open her heart and start putting someone else first in her thoughts and actions. It was great watching her grow and mature as a person over the course of the story.

Vega, on the other hand, is something of an enigma for most of the book, with her backstory and true motivations not being revealed until the end. I felt that some of the revelations about her didn’t quite match up with how she’d been presented in the beginning of the story. From what I can gather, the first chapter, Girlfriend of the World, was originally released as a standalone story and the rest of the book was created as a sequel sometime later. In Girlfriend of the World it felt like Vega was supposed to be part of some kind of a secret organization, or, at the very least, she appeared to be receiving instructions from an outside source. If this was the intention for her character, it seems like this idea was scrapped be the time the sequel was written, as there is no mention of her working with anyone else during Eternal Roadtrip to Love. This is a minor inconsistency in the grand scheme of things, but it did cause me a little bit of confusion when I first read it.

RoadQueen: Eternal Roadtrip to Love is a wild ride of a read. It’s quirky, romantic and just straight up fun. While the first chapter features some elements that don’t end up really playing into the main storyline, the strength of Leo and Vega’s love story more then makes up for any minor quibbles I might have on that score. I highly recommend this book to yuri manga fans and anyone who’s looking for a hilarious and sexy romance featuring two awesome ladies!

Final Score: 8.5 out of 10

What did you think about this comic? Were you confused about Vega’s backstory too? Let me know in the comments.

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