The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese Review

Setona Mizushiro is the mangaka behind some of my favourite shojo manga series, such as X-Day and After School Nightmare. In addition to shojo, Mizushiro has also drawn a number of Boys Love series, but none of them had been released in English… until now. Synopsis: Kyoichi Otomo’s marriage is in trouble. He and his... Continue Reading →

Melting Lover Review

Melting Lover, by Bukuro Yamada, is the first release from Fakku’s new Boys Love manga line, KUMA. I’m very excited to see another English manga publisher dipping their toes into the BL market, so I eagerly picked this title up in order to support their debut. Synopsis: Melting Lover is an anthology featuring four unconnected... Continue Reading →

Pokémon Shield First Impressions

After months and months of anticipation (and no shortage of online drama), Pokémon Sword and Shield are finally out and I've been thoroughly enjoying my time in the Galar region! I decided to purchase Pokémon Shield version because I liked the box art legendary for Shield best and one of its version exclusive pokemon is... Continue Reading →

Real Neat Blog Award Take Two

Wow, this is my second nomination for the Real Neat Blog Award in so many weeks! Thank you to Iniksbane from In Search of Number Nine for the nomination. Iniksbane writes some thoughtful pieces on anime and I recommend checking out his page if you’re a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I found his recent... Continue Reading →

Our Wonderful Days Vol 1 Review

Our Wonderful Days is new yuri manga, written and illustrated by Kei Hamuro and published by Seven Seas Entertainment, which focuses on a group of friends enjoying their high school days and quietly crushing on each other. Synopsis: Koharu has just started high school and is excited to learn that two of her friends, Nanaya... Continue Reading →

The Real Neat Blog Award

Thanks to Lynn Sheridan of The Otaku Author for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog Award! Lynn has some fun and insightful anime reviews on his blog and I really like how he structures them. I recommend you check out his recent review of the first season of Lord Marksman and Vanadis. Here are... Continue Reading →

Newsprints Review

I received Newsprints for my birthday and I was immediately drawn to the cute art style and was excited to read it. Written and illustrated by Ru Xu, this comic tackles themes of war, freedom and equality, all while telling a fun adventure story that features a spunky protagonist, her adorable canary and a mysterious... Continue Reading →

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