Real Neat Blog Award Take Two

Wow, this is my second nomination for the Real Neat Blog Award in so many weeks!

Thank you to Iniksbane from In Search of Number Nine for the nomination. Iniksbane writes some thoughtful pieces on anime and I recommend checking out his page if you’re a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I found his recent post on religious symbolism in Evangelion to be a very interesting read.

Here are the rules!

• Display the logo.
• Thank the blogger for the award.
• Answer the questions from the one who nominated you.
• Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers.
• Ask them 7 questions

Iniksbane also went the extra mile and cooked up a fun little scenario to go along with his questions:

The scenario

Red alert! You are in the middle of an emergency on humanity’s first space station orbiting Pluto. You do not have any special powers, but you do have access to a multi-dimensionalizer. It can only pull out one thing from each dimension. You do not know what the danger in your station is, but you do know that you have exactly 12 minutes before everything goes belly up.

Onto the Questions!

1. Who is the anime character you grab to help you?

This was hard, since we don’t know what the problem is. Is there a mechanical failure on the station that needs fixing? Or are we under attack? Assuming that we’ll probably need someone with brains either way, I grab Zack from Astra Lost in Space. He’s smart, knows a lot about science and can pilot a spacecraft so he will probably be pretty helpful.

2. Who is the anime character you accidentally grab thinking they were going to be a help, but you only watched a third of the show?

I had a hard time thinking of an anime that I had only watched approximately a third of, usually if I’m going to stop watching something I’ll give up after one or two episodes. But, if I’m allowed to cheat a little and go with a series I watched about half of, I’m going to grab the space mice from Beast King Golion (a.k.a Voltron). These guys are occasionally useful, from what I saw, and might come in handy for gathering intel.


Then again… they might just run and hide or act like dicks.

3. Oh no! You were reaching for someone else to help, but this time you grabbed an anime villian. Which one was it?

Having grabbed a smart person to handle science stuff and some intelligent mice for stealth operations, it stands to reason that my next move would be to grab someone who’s a strong fighter to handle any physical threats. So I try to grab Goku from Dragon Ball Z (since he’s super strong and also it seems that saiyans can survive in the vacuum of space for at least short periods of time) but, whoopsie I grabbed Freiza by mistake. Hopefully he doesn’t kill me immediately for my foolishness.

4. You need one tool that will help fix anything, including stuffing the villain back into the show/book you accidentally grabbed him from?

I gave this same answer to a question in my previous Real Neat Blog Award post, but I’m going to use it again because it also works here. I grab the Dragon Balls. They can grant just about any wish, so they should be able to handle any problem that might crop up.

5. You need a vehicle that can get outside of the station. Which one do you grab?

One of the Voltron Lions. I like the blue one best.

6. There needs to be an anime love interest. Who is it?

Is this a love interest for me or for one of the people I grabbed? I guess I’ll grab Quitterie from Astra Lost in Space to be Zack’s love interest because I think they’re a super cute couple. Also she can act as our medic. You know, since she’s here.

7. What blogger do you wish was there with you?

I choose Iniksbane. You came up with this scenario, so if things end up going terribly wrong, I’m taking you down with me 😉

Thanks again to Iniksbane for nominating me and coming up with these fun questions. This is normally the part where I’d come up with my own questions and nominate some other bloggers, but I’m going to pass on that part this time. I just recently did a batch of questions in my previous Real Neat Blog Award post and I’m having trouble coming up with a set of new ones.

Thanks for reading!

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