My Top 10 Most Anticipated Manga of 2020

2019 is almost over and I’m ready for 2020 and for all of the new manga series that will be debuting in the coming year! Last week I took a look back at my top 10 manga of 2019 and I thought that this week I would look ahead to the coming year and discuss... Continue Reading →

EndGames Review

EndGames is the sequel to Ru Xu’s fantastic comic: NewsPrints. I was very impressed with NewsPrints' strong story, beautiful art and powerful themes, so I was excited to read the conclusion to Blue's adventures and see what would become of her, Crow and the rest of the cast. I'm happy to report that EndGames more... Continue Reading →

Saint Young Men Vol 1 Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Buddha and Jesus were to meet? Well, turns out they would be best friends and it would be great! Synopsis: After safely ushering the world into the new century, Jesus and Buddha decide to take a well-deserved vacation. The two of them get an apartment... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Manga of 2019

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost over; it feels like December has been going by in a blur. And not only are we approaching the end of the year, but also the end of the decade! I’ve been seeing a lot of people putting together lists of their top movies or anime of... Continue Reading →

Yarichin Bitch Club Vol 1 Review

Yarichin Bitch Club is a new BL manga by Ogeretsu Tanaka that takes the cake in terms of featuring the craziest high school club I’ve ever seen in a manga. Synopsis: Takashi Tono has just transferred to an all-boys boarding school and is bummed about attending a school in the middle of nowhere with nothing... Continue Reading →

My Father is a Unicorn Review

Monaka Suzuki, artist and writer of My Father is a Unicorn, described their inspiration for this manga as follows: “I came up with the idea for this story after thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if your mother got re-married to a horse?” Well… they were right. It is pretty funny. Synopsis: Issei, your average high... Continue Reading →

Still Sick Vol 1 Review

While I have nothing against a highschool romance, it’s always nice to find a yuri manga featuring adults. And not only are the leads of Still Sick working, adult women, they're also manga fans! Synopsis: Makoto Shimizu’s worst nightmare has just become reality: one of her co-workers has discovered that she draws and sells fan... Continue Reading →

The Geeky Childhood Tag

How long have you been a geek? The Geeky Childhood Tag asks us to look back and recall the geeky obsessions of our childhood selves. Thank you to Tiger for tagging me for this trip down memory lane. Be sure to check out Tiger's original post to see all of their answers to these questions... Continue Reading →

Beastars Vol 3 Review

A new volume of Beastars has arrived and things are getting more complicated for our favourite wolf-boy, both in terms of his personal life and his understanding of himself. Synopsis: Following their explosive fight during a drama-club production, Louis comes close to suspending Legoshi and Bill from the club, but ultimately decides to let them... Continue Reading →

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