The Blogger Recognition Award Squared


Be still my beating heart, it appears that not one but two of my blogging senpai’s have taken notice of me!

Thank you to both Misaka and Pinkie for tagging me for the Blogger Recognition Award! They’re both great bloggers who I highly recommend you check out if you aren’t already following them. I admire Misaka’s breezy and engaging writing style and she has lots of fun anime recommendations on her blog: 9 Tailed Kitsune. Pinkie has a distinct and humorous style to her blog posts that never fails to make me smile and I especially enjoy her pokemon related content at Pinkie’s Paradise. Be sure to check both of them out.

The rules:

  1. Say thanks to who nominated you and leave a link back to that person’s blog.
  2. Give the story or history of your blog.
  3. Give two or more pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  4. Nominate 10 other bloggers and link their blogs.

The History of my Blog:

I initially set up this blog back in 2016 but I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted it to be back then, other then a blog about manga and anime. I sporadically posted some reviews and some news posts for about five months before I gave it up. The reason I stopped blogging was that I wanted to focus on creative writing and I felt like the blog was taking time away from that. I spent the next three years editing and submitting a novel I’d written for publication. Then re-editing and seeking-out feedback and re-re-editing that same manuscript over and over until I eventually wound up burnt out on the whole process. There was a good chunk of time in there where I was barely doing any writing at all and what little I was doing felt like a chore. I haven’t given up on my dream of seeing a book I’ve written published some day, but I needed a break and I decided I would try something different for awhile.

That’s when I remembered my long neglected blog and decided to resurrect it. This time I went in with a clearer vision of what I wanted the blog to be. I decided to focus on writing reviews of manga and comics and committed to a schedule of two updates per week. I launched into the blog with a renewed vigor and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my blogging experience ever since. It’s been great to get back into the habit of writing on a regular basis, and having some thing that I’m passionate about as the subject matter has made it easy to stay focused. I’ve also had a lot of fun interacting with everyone in the anime/manga blogging community and I want to thank all of you for being so welcoming and helping me to rediscover my love of writing.

You can still find some of my old posts from the early incarnation of this blog kicking around here, though I blush at how unpolished some of those reviews are now. Hopefully that cringey feeling I get when I look at my old writing is an indication that I’ve improved over the years…

My Advice For New Bloggers:

  1.  Be Consistent: I think committing to a schedule for your blog can be very helpful with ensuring that you update on a regular basis, but it’s important to be realistic when deciding on the frequency that you want to post at. I see many bloggers that seem to post something on a daily basis but, while I admire them for how prolific they are, I know that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that pace for very long if I tried to do something similar. Two posts a week is something I know I can do reliably, so that’s what I decided to go with. Sometimes, when I have extra time, I may throw in a extra post, but generally I’m content to stick to my regular schedule and I think it’s important for every blogger to find an individual pace that they’re comfortable with.
  2.  Be Social: This is something I neglected to do during my initial foray into blogging and I now realize that that was a huge mistake. Reading and subscribing to other peoples blogs, liking their posts and commenting on their content, following them on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, all of these things are important parts of the blogging experience. On a pragmatic level, doing these things can encourage other bloggers to follow you back and, hopefully, read some of your posts. But there are also just a lot of great blogs out there and a lot of great people who might become your friends if you reach out to them. Getting involved in the community might seem intimidating is you’re just starting out, but I encourage you to dive in. So far everyone I’ve interacted with has been very friendly, so I encourage you to give being social a try.


Now comes that part where I nominate some other blogs to participate in the tag. I look forward to hearing the origin stories behind all of these blogs, though feel free to ignore this tag if you don’t like doing tag posts or were already tagged for this previously:

Thanks for reading!

20 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award Squared

Add yours

  1. Congrats on the award! I admire your dream, and I would sure love to read a book published by you someday!

    Is it just me or is Inskidee just popular with other bloggers. I mean, she’s already been nominated for not one, not two, but three of the same award! Dang.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Haven’t responded yet, but thank you for the kind words on my blog! Even .. if its the rules of the game 😛
    Good advice as well!

    As for cringy old posts, I think it happens to everything. Every youtuber and every blogger grows into this. Which I love about blogging. I love that after half a year I now am finally beginning to find my real voice and manage to keep that tone you described me with more troughout my posts.
    I think it’s good that my first posts were cringe because it shows we’ve grown, just like I am sure if you compare your novel’s re-re-edit to the orginal it shows how that has grown. Or how a random youtubers first video is so cringe compared to his latest. We get better at this, it’s an actual skill and that just makes it all the more worth our while?!

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