Manga Series I Wish Would Get an Omnibus Release

Have you ever gotten excited about reading a manga series and then discovered that it’s, like, 50 volumes long or super old and hard to find now? When that happens, I try to cheer myself up by thinking: “Maybe they’ll release an omnibus edition and I can pick it up then.”

So, here are a few series that I really, really hope get an omnibus release someday, because I would really like to read them.

  1. Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me to You

Kimi Ni Todoke looks like a very cute shojo romance series and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, but, by the time I was interested in reading it, the series had already gotten quite long and it would have been too expensive for me to pick up at that point. When I try looking online now, there appear to be some random volumes that will be hard to track down, so I’ve been hesitant to buy it. I’m actually a little surprised that this series doesn’t have an omnibus release already; I seem to recall that both the manga and anime were really popular. Also, at 30 volumes in length, it could be fully re-released in a reasonable 10 3-in-1 volumes. Here’s hoping that we’ll get that release someday!

2. Haikyu!!

A popular sports manga with an even more popular anime adaptation, I’ve been meaning to check this series out for a while, but tracking down and reading 45 volumes of manga feels like a daunting task. Hopefully, now that the series has finished in Japan, Viz Media will consider releasing an omnibus edition of Haikyu!!.

3. My Hero Academia

Of all of the manga on this list, I think this one has the highest chance of actually getting an omnibus release at some point. My Hero Academia is a huge hit and it’s probably only a matter of time before it gets some kind of a collector’s edition or something along those lines. I’ve been really enjoying the anime adaptation and I look forward to checking out the original manga once that inevitable omnibus edition finally gets published.

4. Ghost Hunt

Okay, so this is more of a wish for a license-rescue then for an omnibus release, but I think that the only way this title is likely to get rescued is if a publisher decides to put together some kind of omnibus edition and I really hope that happens. A fun supernatural mystery series, Ghost Hunt is one of my favourite shojo manga and it, unfortunately, was never fully released in English. An omnibus release feels like a perfect way to renew interest in this series, and then I could finally have the ending to this awesome manga on my shelves!

So, which manga series do you wish would get an omnibus release? And would you prefer a regular omnibus, or a fancy collectors edition? Let me know in the comments!

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19 thoughts on “Manga Series I Wish Would Get an Omnibus Release

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  1. Also seconding Kimi ni Todoke! I thought it would get one, but maybe sales didn’t match the hype?

    Personally, I’d love to see a collector’s edition of Please Save My Earth and in conjunction with the (standard) release of the sequel, but that’s a pipe dream. Claymore and St. Tail would be nice as well, in a regular omnibus probably.

    And going a bit off-track, I know Fushigi Yugi has gotten an omnibus version, but I really expected Viz to have released a deluxe version, with color pages and a premium format. Especially when they licensed the latest spinoff, which is stuck in hiatus after only a volume.

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    1. I hope sales of Kimi ni Todoke were good enough to justify an omnibus release, I really want to read it.

      Collector’s/Omnibus editions of Please Save My Earth and St. Tail would be really cool. I haven’t read either of them, but have heard good things about them and I would be interested in checking them out if they were more readily available.

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  2. Man I would throw all my money at a license-rescue omnibus release of “Swam” since it never got released in full in English. I’d probably spring for a collector’s edition of “Black Jack” or “X” since they’re a few titles I wouldn’t mind have duplicates of.

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    1. A collector’s edition of Swan would be great! I’d definitely pick that series up.

      I think Viz put out a 3-in-1 edition of X a few years back, but a fancy, hard-cover release of X, like some of the other CLAMP series have been getting lately, would be gorgeous.

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      1. Now we just got to get this to the attention of a publisher… lol.

        I heard about those, but I’m not a huge fan of the 3-in-1 editions (too bulky for my small hands!). But oh man, you’re making my collector brain short circuit about a hardcover edition of those! I’m kinda surprised they haven’t already done it since it was CLAMP’s 30th anniversary as a group last year.

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  3. Kimi ni Todoke is one of those manga I’ve heard about but never gotten around to reading. One day…

    I haven’t thought about any series I want to see get an omnibus release, mostly because a few of my favorite series already has omnibus volumes. Cardcaptor Sakura, for example, has 4 omnibus volumes (even though it’s only 12 standard volumes long) and has also been getting collector’s editions recently. If anything, that’s only going to make me turn this into some lifetime goal to collect all versions for that series, hahaha.

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    1. The hard-cover Collector’s Edition of Cardcaptor Sakura looks beautiful! I really want it, but I already have the original, single-volume release and the omnibus release Dark Horse put of out of Cardcaptor Sakura. I just can’t justify buying a third version of the series to myself. But I still want it!

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      1. Ooh, nice! It’s really tempting, huh? I actually own the first three books of the Collector’s Edition! They were the first manga-related purchases I’ve ever made, but I had to do it because they’re just so pretty.

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