Wonder Cat Kyuu-Chan Vol 1-2 Review

Who’s that dapper littler cat with the bowtie? It’s Kyuu-Chan! A wonderful cat and a wonderful friend. Sasami Nitori’s Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan is a 4-panel manga about a magnificent cat and his beloved owner that’s cute, fluffy and suitable for all-ages.


When Hinata finds a cat abandoned in a cardboard box in the park, he’s initially hesitant to take him home. The urge to rescue the little kitty proves to be too strong, however, and Hinata winds up adopting him. Naming his new friend Kyuu-chan (because he is so kyuute!), Hinata is soon head-over-heels for his furry companion, even if this cat is a little unusual. The feelings are mutual – there’s no one Kyuu-chan adores more than Hinata – and Kyuu-chan does everything he can to show his love and gratitude for his owner. Follow Kyuu-chan and Hinata’s everyday life together, as they discover the joys of living together and caring for one another.


Kyuu-chan turns out to anything but an ordinary cat; he likes to walk around on his hind legs, has super-strength and can see ghosts and other supernatural beings! Despite his mind-blowing powers, Kyuu-chan spends most of his time enjoying the simple things and thinking of ways to make Hinata happy. His antics are sweet and humorous and, while he sometimes finds Kyuu-chan a bit bemusing, Hinata loves him just the way he is. The two share a heart-warming bond, allowing Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan to makeup for it’s lack of excitement/plot with pure adorableness!

So considerate!

The jokes in Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan aren’t what I’d call gut-busters, but I had a smile on my face the whole time I read through this manga, chuckling away at Kyuu-chan’s attempts to get a job at a retail store and the moment Hinata discovered that the brown sock pattern on Kyuu-chan’s feet are, in fact, literal socks.

I don’t know why I found this joke so funny, but I laughed every time the manga called-back to it!

Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan’s art-style is round and simple, utilizing soft pastel colours that perfectly suit the whimsical nature of this manga. I imagine it will make this book very appealing to kids and adults, like myself, who adore cute things.

With its lovely full-colour art, delightful protagonist and easy-going style of humor, Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan is a great series for children, or any adults who might be looking for something cheery and fanciful to brighten their day.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10

For more information on this manga, visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s website.

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