Beastars Vol 12 Review

Volume 12 of Beastars seems to be kicking off a new era in the series. With the murderer storyline resolved, the plot is moving on and introducing new problems for Legoshi to contend with.

Like with my other reviews of the Beastars manga, this review will contains some spoilers for events in this and previous volumes of the series.


While Legoshi managed to defeat Riz, he had to resort to eating meat in order to do it. Since both Louis and Pina defend his actions to the police, he isn’t charged with a crime, but the incident is put on his permanent record, making him a Registered Meat Offender. This means that Legoshi will have a difficult time finding jobs and his options for college will be limited. Worst yet, it means he can never marry an herbivore!


Legoshi’s decision to devour Louis’ leg has resulted in a lot of unforeseen consequences. His future prospects have been severely effected, he’s struggling with meat withdrawal symptoms, and he’ll probably never be able to marry Haru!

True to form, Legoshi decides to handle this in the most moronic way possible; he drops out of school and doesn’t tell Haru anything about what’s going on. At this point, I feel like Haru should just dump his ass and move on with her life.

Oh, come on!

I did find the exploration of all of the ways having a blotch on his record makes Legoshi’s life more difficult to be very interesting. Even though there were extenuating circumstances surrounding the incident, Legoshi is going to have to live with the stigma of having consumed meat for the rest of his life, and the kind of future he can expect to be able to build for himself is looking pretty grim. Thankfully, Legoshi’s friends and family step up and let him know that they will be there for him. It was pretty touching to see how Jack and the rest of him classmates managed to cheer him up and ensure he didn’t feel alone.

Meanwhile, Louis is back at school and is given full credit for discovering the identity of Tem’s murderer, despite not having done any of the investigating. The authorities don’t want the truth of what happened to be known, apparently worried that the general public would be whipped up into a frenzy if they knew that an herbivore had willingly let a carnivore eat some of his flesh. Louis doesn’t seem thrilled with this outcome, but goes along with it anyway. He does turn down the role of Beastar though, as that would be taking the deception a step too far. It’s unclear what Louis plans to do, now that he’s returned to society, but we get some cute Louis x Juno content in this volume, which I am here for!

Some of the most interesting developments in this volume are the introduction of Yahya, the current Beastar, and the revelation that he knows Legoshi’s grandfather, Gosha. It had been hinted at before that Legoshi’s grandfather used to be a great fighter, now we get the details of how he was (and still is) a total badass!

I loved the flashbacks that show Gosha’s past connection to Yahya, and I thought that his first meeting with Legoshi’s grandmother was adorable!

All in all, this volume was an interesting start to this new chapter in the series. I’m curious to see how Legoshi is going to navigate the new challenges in his life and to see what Louis’ plan is, now that he’s graduated and has committed to creating change by walking an honest path. Most of all, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Legoshi’s grandfather kicking ass!

Final Score: 8 out of 10

For more information on this manga, visit Viz Media’s website.

What did you think of this volume? Any theories on where the series will go from here?

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