Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry Vol 1 Review

Neko Yotsuba’s Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry is an action/fantasy manga about a former princess who’s been reborn many years into the future, where she’s dismayed to discovered that certain things have gone decidedly down hill!

Adapted from a novel series by Kou Yatsuhashi, this tale of reincarnation features a heroine who’s more than a little fed-up and ready to take down anyone who stands in her way.


Princess Leticiel is a formidable sorceress who uses her impressive power to protect her small Kingdom from monsters and other threats. She falls in love with a mysterious young man who fell from the sky years earlier, and the two of them are married. Their joy is short lived, however, as the neighbouring Kingdoms have caught wind of the advancements that Leticiel’s husband brought to her land using knowledge from his original home. Despite her capabilities as a sorceress, Leticiel’s kingdom is overrun and her people and family killed. Rather than be captured by the enemy, the princess chooses to take her own life, dying full of regret that she couldn’t protect her home and loved ones.

Then, she wakes up in the body of another girl, approximately 1000 years in the future!

Leticiel is now Lady Drossell, a rich young noblewoman who seems to have no friends. Leticiel has none of Drossell’s memories and must slowly try to gain an understanding of this new place and time, all without drawing any unwanted attention to herself. This soon becomes impossible, however, as she discovers that the current practices of using magic are far inferior to the kind of sorcery that Leticiel uses. What’s more, as Lady Drossell, she’s a more powerful sorceress than ever!


As Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry sees its heroine reincarnated into the same world as her previous life, just far into the future, this series can’t really be classified as an isekai. Despite this, it contains a lot of similarities with those isekai manga where the protagonist is reincarnated as a villainess.

Leticiel quickly discovers that Drossell is not a popular person. She appears to have been temperamental and nasty prior to having her consciousness taken over by Leticiel. Her family members all treat her with contempt and the students at her school have dubbed her “the Ice Demon”. Even her own fiancée shows her open disdain and clearly prefers her sister, Christa.

Leticiel has no interest in this fiancée, however, or in what any of the students at her school think of her. She is still very much in love with her deceased husband and is generally unperturbed by the fact that almost no one in her new life seems to like her. Leticiel remains cool-headed and manages to calmly analyze her current situation, slowly starting to gather information to help her make sense of her current surroundings. It’s impressive how capable she is, though Leticiel can come off as a bit flat or listless at times.

We do see the placid mask slip occasionally, however. Particularly, whenever Leticiel is with her husband, Nao. Nao appears to have originally been from another world, though it is unknown how or why he came to be in Leticiel’s world. Regardless, she quickly fell in love with him, due to his kindness, determination and the way he brought hope to her battle-weary country. When they discovered their feelings for each other were mutual, they were quickly married, only for everything to end in terrible tragedy.

But could fate have given them another chance?

It turns out, Leticiel isn’t the only person who was reincarnated! Nao is living a new life as Zeke… but he doesn’t remember Leticiel at all.

Well, this is awkward!

Poor Leticiel may have had her hopes of a reunion with her dearest love dashed, but Zeke is as kind as Nao ever was, and there remains some hope that the two of them might be able to fall in love all over again.

As far as romances go, this one has a lot of potential. Zeke seems like a genuine and sweet guy, and Leticiel could use a supportive person in her life right now, what with being in a strange new place and having all of that trauma fresh in her mind. But, that said, I have to say that I’m more interested in seeing Leticiel use her sorcery (which appears to have become something of a lost art) to take this new time period by storm than in her love-life.

Things are not exactly peaceful, even this far into the future, and it isn’t long before Leticiel is forced to spring into action, yet again. Luckily, Leticiel is something of a badass, always maintaining her dignity and composure, even in the heat of battle. Since her sorcery is so much more efficient and powerful than conventional magic spells, Leticiel is at a huge advantage in this new life, and I found it really satisfying to see her really let loose. After all of the misery she’s been forced to endure, she deserves to get some wins in!

Leticiel is a stone-cold badass!

Jam-packed with action and featuring a competent and cool heroine, Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry is an exciting fantasy series that I found to be quite entertaining. I’m not completely sold on the romance, which was a little bland in this volume, but Zeke is a cute enough character that I’m sure I’ll become more invested in their relationship as he and “Lady Drossell” spend more time together. Above all else, I’m hoping to see more of Leticiel dominating her foes with her overwhelming power in future volumes.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10

For more information on this manga, visit Tokyopop’s website.

What did you think of this manga? Is anyone else kind of more interested in seeing Leticiel/Drossell end up with Mirandalette or her butler than Zeke? Let me know in the comments!

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