Beastars Vol 15 Review

Our newest villain graces the cover of this volume and makes quite an impression in it’s pages, as he runs circles around Legoshi in this installment of Beastars.

As with my reviews of the other volumes of the Beastars manga, this review will contain some spoilers for both this and previous volumes in the series.


Things are starting to get more serious between Legoshi and Haru – he even gets invited to her home for dinner and gets introduced to her family! Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much time to enjoy his newfound love life before Yahya asks him to help with bringing in a dangerous criminal.

The bad-guy in question is Melon, a cross between a leopard and a gazelle who’s been killing elephants and selling their tusks on the black market. In order to track him down, Yahya and Legoshi will need to infiltrate a seedy night-club and somehow identify him amongst its masked clientele. It’s a high-risk mission, but Yahya tempts Legoshi into agreeing to go along with it by offering to erase his criminal record, which could allow him to one day marry Haru! This could be good deal for him, provided all goes well. Then Legoshi actually meets Melon and sees what comes from a union between a herbivore and a carnivore, and the mission quickly goes sideways.


A lot of interesting stuff happened in this volume, so there’s a lot to cover.

My favourite part of the book were the scenes where Legoshi meets Haru’s father and shares a meal with the family. Haru’s mild-mannered dad is clearly nervous about his daughter hanging around with this hulking carnivore, but he still goes out of his way to be warm and welcoming to Legoshi. He also notices all of the things Legoshi does to try and appear less threatening and appreciates his consideration. It was sweet how Haru’s father continued to be kind, even though he was a hairsbreadth away from a full on freak-out at all times during their pleasant family meal. Legoshi is too open for his intentions towards Haru to remain a secret for more than 5 seconds, and Haru’s dad may still has some reservations about Legoshi and Haru dating, but he’s going to give Legoshi a fair shot anyway and try not to prejudge him.

I’m glad to see that Haru’s family is on the more open-minded side, as Haru and Legoshi are going to need all the help they can get.

Another development that I really enjoyed is that we see Louis reunited with the Shishi-gumi! I love these idiot cats! It’s obvious that they all still adore Louis and would make him their boss again in a heartbeat if they could!

Things haven’t been going great for the lions since Louis left, and it looks like they have gotten themselves wrapped up in some serious trouble. This is what happens when they don’t have Louis there to tell them what to do! On the plus side, this dicey situation that his former gang have become embroiled in should give Louis the opportunity to get involved with Legoshi and Yahya’s hunt for Melon! I’m very much looking forward to this, as I get the distinct feeling that Yahya and Louis would not get along. I can’t wait for them to meet!

Speaking of Melon, I was a little annoyed with how Melon and Legoshi’s dramatic meeting went. Our hero had the murderer secured… and then he messed everything up because he felt bad for him?!

Legoshi, come on! This guy has murdered so many people!

Now, I understand why Legoshi would empathize with Melon. After all, he has mixed heritage himself and is planning on marrying a herbivore, if he can. However, even taking all this into account, Melon still managed to gain Legoshi’s sympathy comically easily. Did he forget that Melon’s a murderer? Or does Melon have hypnotism powers or something? I actually went back and flipped through his first appearance in the previous volume to make sure I didn’t miss an explanation that revealed that Melon had some kind of mind-control ability. There was nothing, though. So, unless this gets explained later, I guess we’re just supposed to assume Legoshi is really this stupid!

Legoshi’s strange reaction to Melon aside, this was an interesting volume of Beastars with a lot of great moments that really stood out. I’m thrilled that it looks like Louis will have more to do in the main story soon and I hope we’ll see lots more of Haru’s adorable family in the future. This volume also included some backstory on Legoshi’s mother! She’s been a bit of an enigmatic figure in the story thus far and I was excited to finally find out more about her. I’m looking forward to hopefully learning even more in the next volume, as her experiences as a child of an interspecies marriage has a lot of bearing on Legoshi’s current inner conflict.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.

For more information on this manga, visit Viz Media’s website.

What did you think of this volume? Do you think that Melon is just persuasive and charismatic, or does he have some kind of ability that allowed him to manipulate Legoshi? Let me know your theories in the comments!

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