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Little Miss P Review

“Period Punch!” Little Miss P is the anthropomorphized representation of Women’s periods. She is a familiar and unwelcome visitor who arrives once a month to deliver painful cramps via punches and drain blood with her syringe arm, paying no attention to the pleas of her victims or whether or not it is a convenient time… Continue Reading →

An Incurable Case of Love Vol 1 Review

Josei manga, a.k.a. titles that are aimed at adult women, are not licensed in the West as frequently as manga that falls into the other demographics. That’s why I was so excited to pick up An Incurable Case of Love by Maki Enjoji. This romantic comedy features adult professionals who struggle with their romantic feelings… Continue Reading →

Paradise Kiss 20th Anniversary Edition Review

Paradise Kiss is a josei manga by legendary mangaka Ai Yazawa that was first published in English by Tokyopop back in the early 2000’s. The manga was a huge success, both in Japan and abroad, and has been adapted into a popular anime series. The license to the manga was picked up by Vertical Inc.,… Continue Reading →

Something’s Wrong With Us Vol 1 Review

Natsumi Ando has had several of her works translated into English in the past but, up until now, they’ve all been shojo titles (manga aimed at teen girls), such as: Zodiac P.I. and Arisa. So, my interest was piqued when I heard that her newest series, Something’s Wrong with Us, was a manga that’s aimed at… Continue Reading →

Fire in His Fingertips Vol 1 Review

Written and drawn by Kawano Tanishi, this manga’s full title is Fire in His Fingertips: A Flirty Fireman Ravishes Me with His Smoldering Gaze. As the highly descriptive subtitle implies, this is a sexy romance series targeted at adult women, with extra emphasis on the sexy part. Synopsis: Ryo has been friends with Souma, an… Continue Reading →

BL Metamorphosis Vol 1 Review

When I was describing this manga to my friend, her first guess as to what it was about, based on the title, was that it was a romance between a cockroach man and Franz Kafka. She was only mildly disappointed when I explained that Kaori Tsurutani’s BL Metamorphosis is instead a sweet story about female… Continue Reading →

Perfect World Vol 1 Review

I’ve wanted to read Rie Aruga’s Perfect World was quite a while and have been eagerly awaiting its print release. This is partially because it is a josei title, a.k.a. a manga aimed at adult women, a demographic that has been under-served in the North American manga market. I was also drawn to this series… Continue Reading →

Love on the Other Side Review

Love on the Other Side is a collection of various short stories by Nagabe that focus on relationships – some platonic, some romantic – between humans and an assortment of supernatural creatures, animal-men and some just straight-up animals. Much like Nagabe’s other work, The Girls From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún, the stories in… Continue Reading →

Ossan Idol! Vol 1 Review

I’m not someone who really follows idols or is big into idol culture, but I thought that the plot of Ossan Idol!, which centers around three middle-aged men forming an idol group, sounded like a ton of fun. Adapted from a novel series by Mochiko Mochida, this manga series by Ichika Kino is all about… Continue Reading →

Penguin Gentlemen Review

I saw someone I follow on Instagram describe Kishi Ueno’s manga, Penguin Gentlemen, as a delightful book of “penguinology”, and I immediately knew that I had to buy it! Synopsis: A group consisting of several different species of penguins, all come to admire human society so much, they decide to transform themselves into humans and… Continue Reading →

I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! Vol 1 Review (manga)

Based on the light novels of the same name by Reina Soratani, the manga adaptation of I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again!, by Haru Harukawa, feels right at home with the wave of isekai stories staring characters reincarnated as the villainess that have been flooding the manga market. This isn’t actually an isekai manga,… Continue Reading →

Lil’ Leo Review

Moto Hagio is a hugely influential and award-winning shoujo manga creator who’s works have received wide spread acclaim. Her ground-breaking series, like The Poe Clan and The Heart of Thomas, pushed boundaries and explored complex topics, contributing to the expansion in the kinds of stories that were told in shoujo manga that occurred during the… Continue Reading →

The Dragon Knight’s Beloved Vol 1 Review

Based on the novels by Asagi Orikawa, The Dragon Knight’s Beloved follows the adventures of a young woman who loves dragons. In fact, she loves them so much that she’s willing to get tangled up in a messy pretend-lovers scheme with her friend, just so she can be near them. Which is pretty relatable, actually…. Continue Reading →

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard (manga) Vol 1 Review

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard anime is a favourite show of mine and I’ve been craving more ever since watching the finale. Since there’s been no news of a second season, I was thrilled to learn that both the manga adaptation and original light novels, by Nanako Tujimura, have been licensed in English. Now… Continue Reading →

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