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Snow White with the Red Hair Vol 1 Review

Despite its title, it would be a stretch to call this manga an adaptation of Snow White. There’s no evil queen, dwarves or magic and the only plot element the two stories seem to share is a poisoned apple. Rather, this is a fairytale-esque story that borrows a few elements here and there, but imbues… Continue Reading →

Phantom Dream Series Review

Phantom Dream is the debut manga series of Natsuki Takaya, the creator of the award-winning, shojo manga classic Fruits Basket. With Fruits Basket receiving a new anime adaptation, I recently went back and re-read the whole series and enjoyed it so much that I decided to re-read some of her other works. I started with… Continue Reading →

Songs to Make You Smile Review

Songs to Make You Smile is a single volume anthology of short stories by Natsuki Takaya, the creator of Fruits Basket. The five stories collected in this book are all from early in Takaya’s career and thus have a much older and, is some cases, less polished look then her more recent work. The majority… Continue Reading →

Fruits Basket Another Series Review

The Fruits Basket manga, by Natsuki Takaya, is one of my favourite manga series of all time! I love the characters and the emotional, heartbreaking and, ultimately, uplifting story. So, when I heard that there was going to be a sequel I was over the moon with excitement. But could this new series live up… Continue Reading →

Codename: Sailor V Series Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A beautiful junior high school student comes across a mysterious talking cat that tells her that she has an important destiny. To her shock and amazement, she discovers that she is no ordinary teenager, but actually a chosen warrior and the reincarnation of a princess! She is…… Continue Reading →

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Series Review

The Sailor Moon anime started airing in Canada when I was around 10 years old, and I instantly fell in love with it. I adored the art style, the epic fights and all of the drama! My friends and I would talk about the show together all the time and this series, along with Dragon… Continue Reading →

Become You Vol 1 Review

It can be frustrating, and even crushing, when ones abilities don’t line up with ones dreams. These feelings of angst are beautifully articulated in Become You, the latest shojo manga from Ichigo Takano.

Kamen Tantei Series Review

A mysterious figure in a mask and cape, who bears a striking resemblance to Tuxedo Mask, appears right when he’s needed in order to help solve any case. He is the Masked Detective, Taro Suzuki, and he is a fictional character within the world of this manga. Written by Matsuki Akino, who is probably best… Continue Reading →

Zodiac P.I. Series Review

Zodiac P.I. is a series that I have a huge soft spot for, as it’s one of the earliest manga series that I ever read and, if memory serves, the second one that I ever bought! Written and illustrated by Natsumi Ando (who is perhaps better known for her other shojo works such as Kitchen… Continue Reading →

The Rose of Versailles Vol 1 Review

Penned by Riyoko Ikeda and beginning publication in 1972, the manga series The Rose of Versailles was a sensationally successful period-drama that’s had a huge and lasting impact on the landscape of shojo manga since its release. The story has been adapted into a hit anime, as well as several movies and musicals, and now… Continue Reading →

Living-Room Matsunaga-San Vol 1 Review

I can’t tell you how many shojo manga stories I’ve read where the writer has concocted some convoluted scenario that forces the romantic leads to live together. It’s a classic set-up that throws the potential couple together in an intimate setting and then lets the sparks fly. Keiko Iwashita, the writer/artist of Living-Room Matsunaga-San, has… Continue Reading →

A Man & His Cat Vol 1 Review

A Man & His Cat is the debut release of the new, North American manga publisher: Square Enix Manga & Books. Square Enix has been licensing out its manga titles for years, but they just recently established their own publishing company in North America and they’re kicking this new venture off with a bang, as… Continue Reading →

Love Me, Love Me Not Vol 1 Review

Love Me, Love Me Not is a new shojo romance manga by Io Sakisaka, who has several other works available in English, such as Strobe Edge and Ao Haru Ride. The hook that makes Love Me, Love Me Not unique is that it features two heroines, both of whose love lives are given equal weight… Continue Reading →

The Fox and the Little Tanuki Vol 1 Review

If you’ve been feeling a bit stressed out lately and you’re on the lookout for a feel-good read, then boy do I have the manga for you! The Fox and the Little Tanuki, by Mi Tagawa, is a sweet and light-hearted story that’s sure to help take your mind off of your worries. Synopsis: Senzou… Continue Reading →

Prince Freya Vol 1 Review

Sword fights, treacherous plots and an ordinary peasant girl who turns out to be one hell of an actress are just some of the elements that comprise this thrilling new fantasy manga by Keiko Ishihara. Some readers might be familiar with Ishihara’s other works, such as of The Bride & the Exorcist Knight and The… Continue Reading →

Yuzu the Pet Vet Vol 1 Review

Has anyone out there heard of Wannyan Dobutsu Byouin: Suteki na Juui-San ni Narou! before? Apparently, it’s a video game for the 3DS that was released in 2015 and is based around the player caring for a series of adorable animals at a veterinary hospital. It doesn’t look like the game was ever localized to… Continue Reading →

Primitive Boyfriend Vol 1 Review

You may be looking at the cover image and title of this manga and thinking to yourself, “Is this a comic about a girl dating an early hominid?” Yes. Yes it is. Synopsis: Farm girl, Kamigome Mito, is a peerless beauty admired by everyone at her school, but she just can’t seem to catch a… Continue Reading →

Angels of Death Vol 1 Review

I’m a huge wuss when it comes to horror and, as such, it’s not a genre that I tend to dip my toes into very often. While there are a few horror series that I do enjoy, I usually don’t go out of my way to seek them out and probably wouldn’t have picked up… Continue Reading →

Fiancée of the Wizard Vol 1 Review

I’m really enjoying all of these isekai manga series staring women that we’ve been getting lately! Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter is an interesting political drama, My Next Life as a Villainess is a hilarious and self-parodying harem series and now, Fiancée of the Wizard gives us a sweetly romantic tale of an ordinary person… Continue Reading →

With a Dog and a Cat, Every Day is Fun Vol 1 Review

Hidekichi Matsumoto lives with her dog, Inu, and her cat, Neko, and began drawing this simple, gag-manga chronicling her daily experiences with her quirky and loveable pets and posting it on Twitter. It became so popular online that it was eventually published in physical books and I’m glad that it has been licensed in English,… Continue Reading →

Ao Haru Ride Series Review

Ao Haru Ride, by Io Sakisaka, is a shojo romance manga that has both impressed and frustrated me as I’ve read it. Since the final volume just recently came out, I’m eager to share all of my thoughts on this series. Synopsis: In middle school, Futaba didn’t like boys and found them to be too… Continue Reading →

Cutie and the Beast Vol 1 Review

Cutie and the Beast, by Yuhi Azumi, is a shojo romance manga about a young fan-girl who falls in love with a beefy professional wrestler. Unfortunately, this manga doesn’t seem too interested in really dealing with any of the ethical issues surrounding said relationship. Synopsis: Momoka is a fan of professional wrestling and a special… Continue Reading →

Kageki Shojo!! The Curtain Rises Review

Kageki Shojo!! The Curtain Rises is one of the manga that I’ve been the most excited about reading this year, and I am so pleased to report that the series more then met my expectations. Kumiko Saiki’s art is lovely and I found the story to be fun, emotional and heart-warming, all at once! Synopsis:… Continue Reading →

Mint Chocolate Vol 1 Review

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so it seemed like the perfect time to do a review of a new, romance manga! As an added bonus, Mami Orikasa’s shojo series, Mint Chocolate, has a sweet title that’s just perfect for this season. Synopsis: Nanami is nervous about meeting her new step-dad and step-brother after her mom remarries,… Continue Reading →

The King’s Beast Vol 1 Review

Rei Toma is a mangaka whose works I’ve all loved and I’ve been really looking forward to her newest series, The King’s Beast, which is set in the same world as Dawn of the Arcana – though on a different continent, so you don’t need to have read that series to jump into this one…. Continue Reading →

Golden Japanesque: A Splendid Yokohama Romance Vol 1 Review

Golden Japanesque: A Splendid Yokohama Romance, by Kaho Miyasaka, is a shojo romance that takes place during the Meiji era, a period in Japan’s history characterized by great change and rapid modernization. With its long period of isolation over, Japan begins to embrace many Western ideas and technologies, but amidst this massive cultural shift, can… Continue Reading →

Love of Kill Vol 1 Review

Fe’s Love of Kill began life as an online comic, before eventually being published as a print manga, and it’s one of the series that I’ve been most looking forward to reading in 2021. There aren’t a ton of action-focused shojo series being published in English, so I was excited to give this one a… Continue Reading →

I Think Our Son is Gay Vol 1 Review

Okura’s I Think Our Son is Gay is an LGBTQ+ manga that I’ve been greatly looking forward to reading. I’d enjoyed That Blue Sky Feeling, another manga written by Okura, quite a lot and was excited to see their take on a more comedic series, especially since this one looked really cute. I’m happy to… Continue Reading →

Yakuza Lover Vol 1 Review

Yakuza Lover, by Nozomi Mino, is a shojo manga that feels like it should be a josei series. This steamy romance stars a college student who gets caught up in a relationship with a member the yakuza, and it’s much more sexually charged than what you’d typically find in your average shojo manga. I can’t… Continue Reading →

Kageki Shojo!! Vol 1 Review

It’s finally here! Kageki Shojo!! The Curtain Rises was one of my favourite new manga series from last year, and I’ve been greatly anticipating the arrival of Kumiko Saiki’s sequel series: Kageki Shojo!! It’s time for more drama, more dazzling theatre and more adorable moments of friendship! Synopsis: Watanabe Sarasa has managed to make it… Continue Reading →

Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry Vol 1 Review

Neko Yotsuba’s Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry is an action/fantasy manga about a former princess who’s been reborn many years into the future, where she’s dismayed to discovered that certain things have gone decidedly down hill! Adapted from a novel series by Kou Yatsuhashi, this tale of reincarnation features a heroine who’s more… Continue Reading →

Manga Mini Reviews: Spooky Halloween Edition

It’s almost Halloween and I wanted to get into the spirit of the the season by reviewing some manga and comics of a spooky nature. I say spooky, rather than scary, since I’m too much of a wimp to read much actual horror. Instead, these titles are all works that contain supernatural or light horror… Continue Reading →

Vampire Dormitory Vol 1 Review

Ah, vampires. A tried and true romance staple. Ema Toyama’s Vampire Dormitory combines these seductive creatures with some good ol’ gender-bending hijinks, creating a drama-filled romance that’s both spicy and sweet! Synopsis: Mito has beautiful looks, but terrible luck. After her parents died, she was shuffled around to various relatives who all resented having to… Continue Reading →

A Tale of the Secret Saint Vol 1 Review

Adapted from the novel series of the same name by Touya, Mahito Aobe’s A Tale of the Secret Saint is a charming fantasy manga about a girl with the healing magic of a great saint who simply wants to become a knight and hit things with swords. Will she manage to keep her powers a… Continue Reading →

Daily Report About My Witch Senpai Vol 1 Review

Maka Mochida’s Daily Report About My Witch Senpai puts a bit of a fantasy twist on your classic office romance. But even though the leading lady of this manga is casting spells and whizzing around on a broomstick, this love story proved to be quite down to earth. What you’ll find here amongst the fluffy… Continue Reading →

Lovesick Ellie Vol 1-2 Review

Lovesick Ellie was originally released in English digitally as a part of Kodansha’s digital-first initiative. Fujimomo’s romantic comedy about a girl who’s caught up in horny daydreams garnered a lot of positive buzz and I’ve been looking forward to its physical release for some time. Having now read the first two volumes of this manga,… Continue Reading →

Ima Koi: Now I’m In Love Vol 1 Review

Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love is written/drawn by Ayuko Hatta, the creator of the Wolf Girl and Black Prince manga. While that series has yet to be licensed in English, I quite enjoyed the anime adaptation, so I’m happy to see some of Hatta’s other works being translated. Hopefully more are on the horizon…. Continue Reading →

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