Daily Report About My Witch Senpai Vol 1 Review

Maka Mochida’s Daily Report About My Witch Senpai puts a bit of a fantasy twist on your classic office romance. But even though the leading lady of this manga is casting spells and whizzing around on a broomstick, this love story proved to be quite down to earth. What you’ll find here amongst the fluffy romance is a story that explores the difficulties of being in an unhealthy relationship and finding the strength to change.


Misono is concerned about his office senpai, Shizuka. She’s a witch with a host of amazing and convenient powers at her disposal, such as the ability to fly around on a broom, but she always seems to put others first and get stuck doing extra work. She stays late to assist other people with their workload, never sticks up for herself and never asks for help. Seeing how hard she works and not wanting her to be taken advantage of, Misono starts trying to help her out whenever he can.

What good boy!

And maybe he also just likes spending time with her because he has a bit of a crush on her. Can Misono muster up the courage to tell Shizuka how he feels? And, more importantly, will his kind-hearted senpai ever learn to be less of a push-over?


Daily Report About My Witch Senpai is a very sweet and romantic manga that has a dash of magic and dollop of drama to keep things exciting.

The first few chapters were fairly episodic, focusing on small incidents and interactions that happen between Misono and Shizuka at their office. The two slowly get to know each other better as they help each other out at work, and Misono begins to realize that the reason he gets so annoyed when people walk all over Shizuka is because he’s falling for her. These chapters are cute and charming, if fairly simple, little vignettes showing their growing connection. I certainly enjoyed this section of the manga, but there didn’t seem to be much meat on the bone of the story in the beginning.

Then Shizuka’s ex-boyfriend moved back to town and began trying to push his way back into her life.

Shizuka’s ex is controlling, pushy and seems to mostly be interested in her because he wants to use her for her powers. He doesn’t listen to Shizuka and is generally just a toxic presence in her life. His sudden reappearance sends her reeling, and it initially seems like she is going to fall back into old habits and take the scumbag back.

This guy is just the worst!

Thankfully, Shizuka is eventually able to stand up for herself and what she really wants; and the best part is that Misono doesn’t swoop in to save her! While his support certainly helps Shizuka to gain more confidence, she ultimately deals with the situation on her own in a truly satisfying display of growth. I thought this storyline did a great job exploring how people can get sucked into terrible relationships, and I loved seeing Shizuka learn to put herself and her own happiness first.

This manga combines an adorable romance between a pair of flustered co-workers with a touching story of a young women learning to value herself, and I’m smitten with it. I thoroughly enjoyed this first volume of Daily Report About My Witch Senpai and can’t wait to see more of Misono and Shizuka as their relationship continues to develop. Sadly, this appears to be a two volume series, so the next volume will also be the last. Here’s hoping the manga will go out with a bang!

Final Score: 8.5 out of 10

For more information on this series, visit Seven Seas Entertainment’s website.

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