Super Fun Sexy Times Review

super fun sexy timesI love it when a book’s title just tells me everything I need to know about what I’m about to read. Super Fun Sexy Times is a collection of five erotic short stories that feature superheroes and villains with a range of body types, sexualities, gender-identities and ethnicities. And yes, these stories are fun, and they are sexy!

One of the things that makes this comic so great is that the erotic situations that it depicts all involve characters who behave responsibly and treat their partners with respect. They use condoms, they talk to each other about their past sexual histories and their preferences and they get consent. These are stories about healthy and realistic relationships, the presence of superpowers, aliens and mutant spider people not with-standing.

Each chapter follows a different set of characters, all of whom are in different stages of their romantic relationships. The first story features a pair of sidekicks, who are just starting to explore their mutual attraction for each other, after they wind up stuck in a super villain’s laboratory following a big fight. I mean, what else are you going to do while you’re awaiting rescue? The second chapter focuses on a pair of superheroes who have been dating for a short while and are discussing their expectations and preferences before their relationship turns physical. The 3rd and 4th chapters feature characters, who have been dating for a while, exploring aspects of their identity or sexuality with their partner that they hadn’t before. Last, but not least, the final chapter features a pair of older characters who are married and clearly have been together for a long time.

My favourite chapter in the book was the 4th chapter: Safe. This story focuses on Cora and Kavi, two superheroes who are attempting to spice up their love life by trying some kinky role-play. They discuss their plan ahead of time and agree on a safe word before getting started, just like responsible defenders of justice should. But the actual role-playing doesn’t exactly live up to expectations. Kavi is awkward and a terrible actress and she also bumps into a bunch of things while pretending to break into the apartment, completely failing to sell the scenario they’ve set up. Then, just when things start to get sexy, Cora’s cat jumps up on the bed and completely spoils the mood! It’s a hilarious and sweet story that perfectly showcases how, sometimes, the things you fantasize about just aren’t as sexy in real life as they are in ones imagination.

Super Fun Sexy Times is a unique collection of stories that delivers on all the things that the book’s title promised. I enjoyed every chapter and, for giving us a hot and steamy collection of stories featuring diverse and mature relationships, I’d say this book more than earned the title of super!

Final Score: 8 out of 10

For more information on this comic, visit Limerence Press’ website:

If you’ve read this book, please be sure to share your thoughts in the comments and let me know which story was your favourite.


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