Whisper Me a Love Song Vol 1 Review

 Eku Takeshima’s Whisper Me A Love Song is a yuri manga where some major miscommunication problems lead to an unlikely romance between a cheerful high school freshman and the musically-gifted senpai she admires.


Himari is blown away by the student band performance at her high school’s welcoming ceremonies and is an instant fan of the band’s cool and talented singer, Yori. She’s so star-struck by Yori’s singing that, when she runs into her in the hallway, she can’t help gushing to the other girl that she fell in love with her at first sight during the performance. Yori is taken aback, but, the next time they meet, she tells Himari that she’s fallen in love at first sight too! However, it soon becomes clear that the two girls were talking about very different kinds of love.


Poor Yori, she gave Himari’s confession, and her own feelings, serious thought and was so happy to tell Himari that she returned her love, only to discover that Himari is a dunce who chooses her words very poorly!

But, instead of being crushed or sulky when she discovers that Himari just loves her as a fan, Yori manages to keep her cool and declares her intentions to make Himari fall in love with her for real… Which, of course, Himari also misunderstands. I’ll say it again: Poor Yori!

Whisper Me A Love Song is a sweet story and the two leading ladies are very cute together, but I found that Yori was the character that really stole the show and my heart. She’s mature, kind and very talented, but she struggles with stage-fright and a general lack of faith in her own musical skills. Himari’s open adoration might just be what she needs to give her the confidence boost to put herself out there more and try preforming for an audience again and I hope that we’ll see her grow as a musician as the series continues. I also loved Yori’s meddling friends, who all delight in teasing her about her love-life; they’re a really fun bunch.

In comparison, Himari doesn’t have much going on. I didn’t dislike her or anything, she’s bubbly and cute and I enjoyed her humorous mistakes, for the most part, but she’s a bit lacking in depth. I hope she receives more development in future volumes, because right now her main defining characteristic is her obliviousness.

Overall, Whisper Me A Love Song is a fun read. The art is adorable and I’m definitely rooting for Yori to wind up happy, so I’ll be picking up volume two to see if these two girls’ versions of “love” ever manage to line up. I’d recommend this manga to yuri fans looking for a light-hearted and comedic romance series.

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.

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6 thoughts on “Whisper Me a Love Song Vol 1 Review

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  1. Looking forward to your next review. Sounds like this could be the type of series where all the drama and comedy lies in the same misunderstanding, so hopefully Himari doesn’t stay stuck in that position.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It seemed like the manga was starting to move away from the misunderstanding gags towards the end of this volume, so I’m hopeful Himari will get fleshed out a bit more in future volumes.


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